Life saving Soap and Glory products

February 17, 2016

As a student nurse I get cracked hands, which as you can imagine can get quite sore with all the alcohol solution I use and my heels get very cracked because I'm constantly on my feet! This is where these products come in, they're perfect for winter too when the cold leaves you with chapped hands.

These two little beauty's are an absolute life saver to have and I cannot stress how much I love them! I'm a huge Soap and Glory fan and I have so many of their products but there are by far the best I own. Pictured above is:

  • Soap & Glory Heel Genius™ 125ml (£5.50 from Boots)
  • Soap & Glory Hand Dream Super Intensive Hand Cream 100ml (£7.00 from Boots)
First of all we'll talk about Heel Genius, you're recommended to lather your feet every night and put cotton socks on while you sleep to let it soak. I don't like the thought of putting socks on so I just tend to sit with my feet up, both work just as good! The cream is a pale green colour and contains allantoin, glycerin, macadamia oil, menthol, bilberry, orange & lemon fruit acid smoothers. It works wonders on hard, cracked feet and leaves them feeling lovely and soft. The only negative about this one is I personally don't like the smell but that's just personal preference!

Secondly, Hand Dream, where do I start? One of the main reasons I love this is because it isn't very greasy like some hand creams and it stimulates cell renewal and target age spots for those which have them. Just apply to dry, chapped or cracked hands when needed and rub in nicely and you'll notice instant results. It contains AHAs (which increase the skins sensitivity to sun), grapeseed, macadamia and shea butter and I absolutely love the smell of this, so much that I apply it just so my hands smell nice!

If you haven't already tried Soap & Glory's products I highly recommend as they all have such unique smells. They have a range of body butters, body mists and even make-up which are lovely and reasonably well priced. Do you use any of their products?

Thanks for reading! 

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