The student guide to saving money

February 15, 2016

Hi everyone, as a student nurse I'm not advised to have a part-time job since I'd have practically no time for well earned rest. So because of this I rely purely on my loan and weekly allowance from my parents, which isn't as much as you would think! Since moving to university I've had to work on my self control and tone down my spending which has been hard but well worth it. I've come up with a little list of tips which have seriously helped me as a student!

  1. Shopping around
    Pretty straight forward but not all people do this. I know it's convenient to walk into one shop and purchase everything you need but most of the time you can get these things cheaper elsewhere. Yes, it means you have to go from shop to shop but it's well worth it to save the money! I always got from shop to shop because I've found out which products are cheaper and where!
  2. Beauty dupes
    After joining the world of blogging I've noticed just how many beauty dupes there are! If you do your research you can save money on that urban decay palette or those real technique brushes and get something equally as good but half the price. That's a huge win for me and I've saved so much money from beauty dupes. Although don't get me wrong, I like to treat myself every now and then...
  3. Putting money aside
    Again, another straight forward tip which is probably easier said than done but it's the most effective way! If it means making a second bank account and transferring a tenner over every week then do it! You could also get a classic piggy bank, anything which will stop you from dipping your hand in all the time is fine! After a few weeks you'll have saved a reasonable amount of money and you'll feel a lot better for it.
  4. Making the most of student discounts
    Student discounts are a lifesaver. A lot of shops now do discounts for students, some more than others. It may be worth buying a student discount card such as an NUS Discount card? Plus never be scared to ask if they do student discount when you get to the till, because I'm not and I'm often surprised because some shops do discount they just don't advertise it!
  5. Pre-drinking
    Ok last but by no means least is pre drinks! If you're a student who loves the wild night out then the only advice I can give you is to do all your drinking in your house/flat BEFORE you go out. The reason being I find supermarket alcohol is cheaper than going to a club and buying my drinks, so I save a lot of money with this little tip!
Thanks for reading! 

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