W7 In The Buff Eye Colour Palette

February 03, 2016

For those of you who want urban decay eyes but perhaps don't have urban decay money this may be a good little investment for you! I came across this when I was out shopping for a new pair of heels and decided to give it a try! It's an eye colour palette which has very similar (if not identical) colours to the urban decay palettes.

This particular palette is called 'in the buff' and as you can see above it's mainly nude colours with the darkest being the black at the end. There are other palettes available from W7 which again, are very similar to those which urban decay make. It's available from a range of drug stores and it cost me £7 which as a typical poor student I was happy with!

What I do like about this eye palette is that it comes in a little tin which is a life saver if you're always dropping things like me. The eye shadows haven't cracked yet after surviving many drops and falls! It may not look as pretty as an Urban Decay palette but it's worth the price you pay for it. It also comes with a double sided application brush which I don't tend to use purely because I'm not keen on the quality but have another favourite eye shadow brush anyway.

It contains a total of 12 colours, from left to right they are:
Buff, Camel, Sand, Dust, Chocolate, Topaz, Earth, Storm, Silk, Wave, Thunder and Onyx


  • Comes in a virtually indestructible tin case
  • Colours are similar/identical to those from the Urban Decay Palette
  • Cheap price for those that don't want to spend a lot


  • Brush provided isn't very good quality
  • Not as long lasting as Urban Decay
Thanks for reading!

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