What to get mum on mothers day

February 23, 2016

As we all may or may not know, Mother's Day is on the 6th March and the day is fast approaching. If you're like me and struggle with buying gifts then I have had a long hard think and compiled a list of simple Mother's Day presents which never fail. I hope you find it useful!
  1. Flowers
    What mum doesn't love receiving flowers for Mother's Day to brighten up her home! It's something so simple yet it means a lot and the thought is there.
  2. Afternoon tea
    If you know any nice places that do afternoon tea you could book to take them there for tea and scones? It's quite a cute idea for all those cute mums!
  3. A meal
    If afternoon tea isn't your thing then maybe just settle with taking mum out somewhere and treating her to a meal, treat her to something nice not your average KFC.
  4. Jewellery
    In the past I have gone to places like Pandora who have a special Mother's Day range which is simply gorgeous and a girl can't have too much jewellery!
  5. Handbag
    Again, a woman can never have too many bags! Get yourselves down to the shops and get mum a new bag, or maybe even a nice new purse...  Or both!
  6. Chocolates
    A box of chocolates wouldn't go a miss on mothers day, mum deserves a treat and if she's a chocolate fan a huge box of chocolates would go down a treat.
  7. DVD, CD or a book
    If your mum is a huge fan of a certain artist or actor then maybe get her that new album which has come out or that new film which she liked in the cinema. If you know what genre of books she's into get her a new book?
  8. Personalised gift
    I tend to do this a lot because you need to put thought into it. I've done things in the past where I've taken pictures of myself and my brother and framed them and she's loved them!
  9. Spa trip
    This one can be expensive but if you can afford it then do because your mum is worth it. She deserves at least one day of peace, quiet and pampering.
  10. Gift cards
    If all else fails visit her favourite shop and get her a gift card to treat herself with. She'd probably appreciate something she really needs.
Thanks for reading and I hope it helps!

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