Disney Tsum Tsum wishlist

March 20, 2016

Okay anyone who knows me knows I'm absolutely mad for Disney, if you walk into my bedroom at uni you wouldn't think an 18-year-old lived there with the Olaf pillow and huge Sven plush toy... But I'm not finished there, I absolutely love the little Disney Tsum Tsum's (especially the mini ones). I've made a short list of all my favourites what are currently in the official Disney store! All of them are £3 each because they are the mini's.

1. Daisy Duck
Who doesn't love Daisy, she's one sassy duck!

2. Marie
Everybody want's to be a cat! I love this cute little kitty.
3. Bambi
Even though I can't watch the film (it's too sad) how cute is this little Bambi? It's adorable!
4. Thumper
Bambi's partner in crime, again a cute little Tsum Tsum!
5. Lady
I love Lady and the Tramp, Lady is by far my favourite Disney dog!
6. Lumpy
Not many people know who Lumpy is, he's off the heffalump movie and he's even cuter in Tsum Tsum form ahh!
7. Minnie Mouse
Last but not least, Minnie, we can't miss her out can we?

What Tsum Tsum's do you own?

Lauren x

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