Exams are over!

May 22, 2016

Hi everyone,

So I've not really had the chance to post an awful lot since starting my little blog. Part of this is because I'm new to the scene and part of it is because I've been very busy with my course. I've been on placement in a hospital working 37.5 hours in the space of 3 days, it's been crazy! After placement I had exams, one exam I've passed, the other I need to wait and see.

After my last exam I quickly headed to the pub for a well deserved white wine and lemonade, followed by ale, followed by a lovely disaronno based cocktail, followed by a cider, followed by whatever else I spent my money on. It's safe to say I had a little headache the next day!

Anyway, my point being exams are over now and I have so much spare time on my hands and I need something to do. This is where my blog will come in! I'm vouching to post at least once a week, if not more, and this will be my little escape from course work.

I hope to be seeing more of you all very soon!

Lauren x

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