My goals from now on

May 22, 2016

So after a rather stressful period in my life where I let my work and things get on top of me I now feel a lot better and am ready to make changes and set myself some goals. I've already started trying to achieve these goals but if I have it here in black and white it's even better! So, below are a list of goals I'd love to achieve:

  1. Stop spending
    I'm going on holiday soon so I really need to start saving up. Plus, I really want to start looking after myself and treating myself so I need to quit spending my money on useless silly things and save up to really treat myself!
  2. Drink more
    I definately do not do enough of this, I just do not know when I'm thirsy until it's too late and as a student nurse I need to keep myself well looked after and this is a good place to start. I need to set myself a goal of how much to drink each day and stick to it. 
  3. Read more
    I always loved reading and ever since moving to university I have done it less and less. It's such a good way to escape everything that is going on so guess what? I've got a new book downloaded to my kindle, lots of spare time and I'm ready to dive into the world of books again. Infact, I can't wait!
  4. Eat healthier
    I'm the fussiest eater ever and ever since I've moved I've started trying more and more new things, I'm eating a lot more towards a balance diet but I need to keep this up. My aim is to buy at least 2/3 different types of fruit each week instead of snacks. If I can keep this up alongisde my dirnking goal I will feel so much better for it. 
  5. Exercise more
    I need to do things such as pilates for my sore back but my motivation is 0 at the minute. However, I need this to change so my am is to do some exercise in my room every night. I've bought myself a cute little yoga mat to motivate me and it needs using! 
  6. Don't leave work till the last minute
    Last but not least, I will NOT leave all my uni work till the last minute. It causes unnecessary stress and lately that has not been good for me. I always used to be so well organised but lately I have slipped and it does not bring good things. I need to turn my ways around and get on top of everything once again!
What are your goals?

Lauren x

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