Skinsorials 3-part ritual

June 08, 2016

So anyone who uses bareMinerals skin care range will know that this month they brought out a new range called Skinsorials. They have a whole new range with a good amount of products, not too many but enough to suit all skin types and give you a bit of choice. The products are more 'advanced' so therefore the price is slightly higher than what the products were before.

The products have lots of lovely ingredients in them such as: Bilberry, papaya, mineral-rich, rosemary, borage, ginger root, shea butter, elderflower, brazilian red clay, peppermint, cucumber, salicylic acid, St. Johns wort, bamboo, california poppy, sunflower, long life herb and lempuyang ginger.

Skinsorials is sort of a '3-part ritual' where you purify (cleanse), empower and moisturise. I think the aim is you have different products to mix-and-match in each category, you pick the ones suited to you and they make up your 3-part ritual. Today I went in store to have a look because I need to but some new products soon and I received the samples picture above. Here's what I thought:

  1. Clay Chameleon
    So this is my PURIFY product which apparently goes on first. You squeeze out a pea sized amount, which is red in colour and feels like a clay face mask (hence the name). You then apply it to a dry face, we your fingers and start to massage it in until the clay turns to a white foam and you can then rinse it off. My only issue with this is you can't use it in the shower since it's applied on a dry face and it doesn't lather with it being clay. It left my skin feeling nice after one use but I've been told it can cause your skin to become quite dry after a while. A normal size product would cost you £18.
  2. Skinlongevity
    This was my EMPOWER product and actually the only 2nd step product there is to buy. It's a serum which "enhances the healthy look and feel of your skin". This one is literally just applied to the skin after cleansing, it's quite lightweight and smells lovely although I feel it's a really pointless step, maybe I'm not seeing the benefits with the sample because it takes a few applications but to me I would not use this at £45 a bottle, I'd save myself the time and money and skip step 2. 
  3. Smart Combination
    Lastly, my MOISTURISE product was this smart combination which felt quite similar to the Skinlongevity texture wise. When I applied this over the top of the other two steps it felt very weird. I felt as if it left my skin feeling sticky and wet , live when you've got far too much moisturiser on. After a few minutes my face started to dry and I didn't need to rinse my face like I originally thought I would have too but this is no good if you want to apply make-up afterwards in a morning. A standard size product would set you back £30 as well. 
Overall thoughts: My over all thought is that the second step it kind of pointless and similar to moisturising and I'd rather save myself £45 pound and skip that step. When I need to purchase some more products I think I will start a 2-step ritual consisting of their new blemish remedy (since the clay didn't do anything for me, sorry!) and their smart combination moisturiser which is for combination skin. All the products are well packaged, I saw them in store and they were very smart and smelt lovely. Just from one application though, I would not recommend the 3-step ritual, more like 2-step ritual!

You can view their new range by clicking the link here.

Lauren x

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  1. This is such a lovely post and I love how honest you are - it's so nice to see products that are not available everywhere, it's refreshing to see!

    Hope you're well and having a lovely weekend!

    Layla xx