Weekly Summary #1

June 30, 2016

Hi everyone,

Just popping in to let you all know what I've been up to recently! I've had a very busy few weeks and a very busy few weeks to come! For the past few weeks I've been attending lectures and lessons at university. I've had a few lessons everyday which has kept me busy and I've had practical sessions learning how to give injections and work IV pumps (nursey talk).

I've also had a presentation to present to my class about post-operative care which was a nightmare. It was group work so I've spent my past few days meeting with my group, getting out work done and worrying over having to present it because I'm not a good public speaker at all. However, I have a new found burst of confidence and I personally think I did really well, I didn't speed through my section and I didn't stutter. This is probably because my last placement was on a surgical ward so I knew what I was talking about.

Tomorrow (the 1st July) I will be moving out of my lovely little flat and into a shared house along with four other girls. So there are boxes and bags everywhere and my room is looking more bare and sad each day. One bit of me is excited that I'm going to have a lovely little room along with my own en suite (with a bath) and a little living room but part of me will miss my flatmate I've grown close with because unfortunately we won't be living together after tomorrow... The girls I will be living with are in their own little bubble which I'm sadly not a part of, so I will hopefully keep in touch with my lovely flatmate and go over to hers regularly.

I've also been doing a 30-day bum challenge for the past few days which is keeping me very motivated and if all goes well I'll write a little review on it and you can give it a try if you're wanting to work on your bum for all those summer holidays! I'm hoping that by the end of august I'll have a loveyl bikini bum!

Once I'm moved in and settled I'll be going home to Sheffield for a week, whenever I don't have lessons I need to grab the opportunity to go home! I'll be working from home for that week and then when I come back it's that time that every student nurse hates... Placement! Well, it's not that bad although I will be working 12.5 hour shifts on a medical ward. It's worth it to see all the children leaving hospital at the end of it all well and back to their usual selves.

So as you can see I've had uni, packing and a lot of organising and placement coming up. My blog may be a little neglected for the first few weeks of placement while I adjust to the working hours again but hopefully I can find the time to post because it's a lovely way to escape the real world! Anyway, I better get back to boxing my things up... Wish me luck!

Lauren x

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