5 shows that should be revived

July 09, 2016

Hi everyone,

So, after scrolling through Netflix looking for a new show to watch I came across a few of my old favourites which sadly ended. The following are shows that I absolutely loved and I'd give anything for someone to revive them and make the newest season as good as the others.

Gossip Girl
An american teen drama based on a book series where a gossip blog shamed pretty much the whole school. It's full of rich teenagers, scandalous rumours and has one of the best casts going. The last episode aired back in 2012 but I can't help but think that a modern day Gossip Girl would open up so many more scandals for the group to be involved in. If you haven't already watched it you obviously haven't lived!

Sex, drugs and getting wasted.  You name it and the gang did it. Bits made you laugh and bits made you cry it was an amazing show and I can guaruntee that you have seen at least one Effy or Cassie GIF scrolling down your tumblr wall they're all over the place! The final episode aired in 2013 and much like gossip girl I can't help but think a modern take on the show would be amazing, I'd love to see a mixture of characters from each of the different seasons though.

This last aired in 2013 (I think) and I believe it's been taken off of Netflix now for whatever reason. For those that haven't seen it a bunch of people doing community service get given powers in a thunder storm, much like Skins the cast changes from season to season with new people with different powers emerging and it's hands down the funniest programme I think I've seen!

By 90210 I'm referring to the one with Annalynne Mccord and Jessica Lowndes. I must admit I didn't enjoy it as much as Gossip Girl but still, once you start watching it you just can't stop. I just ended up binge watching, I wish I had a life half as good as so of those spoilt kids. I'm pretty sure the last episode aired in 2013 as well and it ended too soon if you ask me!

One tree hill
Another american television drama series which last aired in 2012. I must admit it's been a while since I've seen it, in fact I could probably do with a re cap but certain scenes come to mind when I think of this show and I'd love for it to be revived.

What shows would you like to see revived?

Lauren x

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  1. I miss Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill! I wasn't big on 90210 though. It had potential, but it just fizzled for me real quick.

  2. God 90210 and Gossip Girl were my guilty pleasures, and Desperate Housewives. Wish they would bring them back. Would watch them in a heart beat if they started again ahha xx

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com