A-Z of Happiness

July 05, 2016

Hi everyone,

I've seen a few bloggers doing this and I just think it's lovely! I think I really need to step back and think of all the things I love and all of the things that make me happy. It's a lovely way to pass the time and it's a lovely way for people to get to know me a little bit! It's pretty self explanatory, but the challenge is to name something that makes you happy for every letter of the alphabet! Here goes:

A -  Animals, in general I love them!
B - Baths, bubble baths! After going a year without one I'm so happy my new house has one!
C - Chocolate, I don't know what I'd do without it!
- Decorations, I love making things look pretty!
E - Exercise, oddly enough this is making me happy and motivated recently...
F - Friends and family! Both at uni and at home I love them all!
G - Gifts, both giving and receiving them!
H - Home, I love coming back home when I've been at uni for a while, I'm a huge home girl!
I - Icecream, but I only like it when it's vanilla and next to a yummy hot pudding.
J - Jelly,  I sound like a 4-year-old but doesn't it taste so good and remind you of your childhood?
K - Kids? I'm a children's nursing and I love them, they always brighten up your day!
L - Laughter, everyone says it's the best medicine and I 100% agree!
M - Matthew, my boyfriend! Soppy I know but he makes me so happy!
N - Narla, my lovely kitty! There's nothing better than cuddles from her!
O - Outdoors, staying inside all the time is boring and bad for you, I love some fresh air!
P - Pizza and pandas! I couldn't decide between them both!
Q - N/A
R - Reading, I love a good book it's the best way to escape!
S - Summer, it's my favourite season I love the sun!
T - Tickles, I love being tickled it's weird. I'm ticklish but not ticklish enough to be rolling around...
U - University, weird I know! I love my course, I'm so proud of what I've achieved so far!
V - Vacations or holidays, I love going abroad!
W - Woody, my dog! Like Narla he's so happy to see me when I come home and I love it!
X - Xmas, I'm cheating now! Christmas is my favourite holiday of the year!
Y - N/A
Z - Zante, I've been to Zante 3 times in a row and I've met some amazing people, I love going here!

This was actually really fun to do, I couldn't get any for Q and Y, I'm surprised how difficult some were though, it really got me thinking!

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