Boyfriend's make-up knowledge tag!

July 18, 2016

Recently I read a post on Hannah's blog which I thought would be a really interesting and funny to do. She questioned her partner about his make-up knowledge and if you would like to read it you can just click her name above. Anyway, I've been with Matthew (pictured above) for over 2 years now and I put him to the test, here goes:

What is bronzer?
A fake tan like think?

What is blusher?
Something that makes you into some sort of kawaii panda.

What is mascara?
Those eyelashes.

What is eye liner?
Give you those 'on point' eyes.

What is strobing?
When you blend it all together? Racing stripes? No idea!

What is eye shadow?
To give your eyes the focal point of your face, like Mike Wizowski!

What is powder?
Something you snort?

What is foundation?
Not building foundations? To make your face look a different colour.

What is concealer?
Matthew: To hide those 'imperfections' which simply don't exist
Me: Cutie!

What is highlighter?
Matthew: To make yourself as white as a bedsheet
Me: My bed sheets are black?

What is setting spray?
Is that like fake tan or that hair spray?

What is contouring?
Levels of foundation?

What is primer?
A service on Amazon!

What is lip liner?
Matthew: Make that pout count!
Me: I don't pout!

What is brow pencil?
Give you those long brows.

What is serum?
To cure a splitting headache.

What is cleanser?
Cleanse those pores by rubbing it in.

What is micellar water?
No idea!

Was this test hard and why?
Yes, there's too many things!

So as you can see Matthew's knowledge is a little lacking! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed quizzing him!

Lauren x

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  1. LOL! Your boyfriend is funny! what is eyeshadow? To give your eyes the focal point of your face, like Mike Wizowski!

    1. This was honestly so much fun I don't even know what goes through his head you know :')

      Lauren x