My Beauty Product Essentials

July 03, 2016

Hi guys,

I thought I'd share 4 of my beauty product essentials rannging from my skincare routine to products I use on my hair. Everything below is what I would class as a beauty product essential and I couldn't live without them!

1. Garnier Skin Naturals Radiance Boosting Scrub
This little beauty is a life saver. I tend to use this 2-3 times a week when I'm in the shower and it leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft. It also smells gorgeous! It's a facial scrub which really helped me with my breakouts. It's available in most drugstore shops for around £3.99. It's well worth the money, I can't explain how lovely it leaves your skin feeling.

2. Ganier Ultimate Blends Shampoo (and conditioner)
I know I know... Another Garnier product! I must say the majority of my products are Garnier you just can't go wrong with their things! At the minute I am using their Honey Treasures shampoo and conditioner which smell gorgeous and my hair - which used to have loads of split ends - now has no split ends in sight and feels so much better. I don't feel like I'm clutching straw anymore! Again, these are around £3.89 each and worth the money!

3. Cocoa Butter Vaseline Lip  Therapy
They always say good things come in small packages! Whenever my lips get chapped in the winter I have a little pot of Vaseline to hand but not long ago I found this little beauty for just £1.99. It's actually cocoa butter scented and it's gorgeous, smells lovely and leaves your lips lovely and soft after a few days.

4. Tangle Teezer
Without this little product I think I would have just cut all my hair off. When my hair is wet it gets incredibly knotty and you can't get a brush through it some days whereas this just glides through your hairs and like the title suggests, gets rid of those tangles! The original ones range between £7 - £10 depending on where you buy them although some stores have made their own now which are equally as good.

What are your daily essentials?

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  1. Ah my tangle teaser has been a lifesaver! I have little tubs of vaseline everywhere, I keep losing them and rebuying them haha. The cocoa is my favourite xx

    Tamz |

  2. Lovely post. That sounds like a very nice scrub.