Recent purchases #2

July 18, 2016

Hi lovelies, so this past week I've been on a little spending spree. Decided to treat myself to some decor for my new room and just some things to pamper myself with. Got some gorgeous treats, here they are:
 So I got a sheep skin rug from IKEA which I believe was £30. I know some don't like products like this although I like to think these sheep lived a lovely long life and it feels lovely. You can see it under all the products. I also got these Imperial Leather Marshmallow Bath cream and Shower Cream because I needed some new smellies for my new bath. These were on offer and smell gorgeous, the smell of it on your skin after your shower is even nicer than in the bottle.
Sorry for the upside down image, the truth is I'm far too lazy to rotate it... But this is a cute little vest I got from Topshop which should have been £8 but was only £7.20 with student discount. I love khaki green and this is really cute, it's getting hotter now and I have a holiday coming up so I can't wait to wear it.
 I bought some sparkly voiles to pin against a marked wall which makes me feel like a little fairy and is such a food background for all my images. The voiles were around £5.99 from B&M and then the lamp was from IKEA and is really good for when I'm reading in bed and it was on sale at just £5.
This is my sparkly little zebra from B&M which is again to cover up marks on my wall and I love him, even if glitter does end up all over my desk rather than on him. He cost me £5 or around that and I'm yet to think of a name for him.

I also got string and pink pegs to stick loads of pictures on a rather bare looking wall although it's rather hard to get a decent picture of those so I'll leave it to the imagination.

Lauren x

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