Victoria's Secret 7 for £25 Pants

July 29, 2016

Hi lovelies,

So sorry (not) but I'm showing off yet more pants! I'm literally addicted and Victoria's Secret are not helping me. I'm not sure if this offer is limited to the UK or what but if you love their pants you NEED to go to your local store this weekend they're doing 7 pants for £25 which is amazing considering they usually cost around £10 each.
PINK and Victoria's Secret are both doing this offer and I couldn't decide which one to buy from until I found out you can actually mix and match... So I actually have 4 pairs of VS pants and 3 pairs of PINK pants.

So above are my picks, I have a few different styles from both PINK and VS because why not? I can honestly say that this deal is well worth it.  VS and PINK have amazing products but it's a shame about their prices. However, when they do deals like this it's a crime to miss them!

Lauren x

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  1. This deal is so worth it! Works out under £5 for each one! Whenever I see this deal I get some lol x

    ♡ itsjessiejane ♡

    1. I know it's amazing isn't it? I'm addicted to VS at the minute every time I walk past I steer my boyfriend in to look at the 3 for £30 deals etc. I feel like I need to save up for a bra though, they're a little out of my price range at the minute! x

  2. Victoria Secret always has amazing deals and all of their merchandise is such good quality! What more could you ask for?!
    xx Dany | The Queens Empire

    1. I know right?! I love their products they're amazing quality but I just can't afford them at regular price? Especially since I'm a student! x