Ways to combat anxieties and nerves

July 07, 2016

Hi everyone,

Last September I moved out and to a different city to go to university, both exciting and scary. I was absolutely fine for a while but then I started having these little episodes where I would feel sick and cancel plans. I didn't think anything of it but then I noticed they got worse around exam time or if my situations changed (i.e. moving house recently). I can only relieve these episodes by being in bed and having a nap which as you can imagine is extremely disruptive! My anxieties are still bad but I've found certain ways to relieve them at times. Ways I thought I'd share with you all...

Planning ahead
I've done this for few years now, I am not a spontaneous person I love to plan ahead, I love to make people aware of my plans so they are well aware of where they fit into my revision plans etc. I'm funny like that, my friends accept it as well and some of them even love it and say "Well I'll do my work while you're doing yours and we can have a break together". By planning ahead you're well prepared for any situation and your anxieties won't get as bad because everything should run smoothly.

Talk to people
Seems a simple one but a lot of people always say "I don't want to burden others" that's not the case. Find someone you trust and just have a talk, whether it be about what's bothering you or just to take your mind off it. At some point something will be bothering them and you'll be the first person they come too.

Rescue remedy
I haven't and don't want to go to the doctors about these little episodes however I have found a little remedy to help! It's called Bach's Rescue Remedy and it's amazing. It's basically a mixture of flower remedies (completely natural and impossible to overdose on) which comes in various forms but the aim of them all is to "relax and reassure" you. I have an oil which is really easy to use... 4 drops either in a drink or directly onto your tongue and you just repeat whenever necessary. I can't describe how good it is I can go from feeling physically sick one minute to absolutely fine a couple of minutes later, it's amazing!

Breathing techniques only work for certain people and are quite simple. Breathe in through your nose for 5 seconds and then out through your mouth for 5 seconds and repeat until you feel better, it gets helps get breathing back under control for those more severe attacks!

Distraction techniques
I know all about these being a student children's nurse. This could be anything from listening to music, watching TV or reading a book. For me, personally reading really helps I have a Kindle app on my phone so whenever I get a spare minute I read to keep my anxieties away.

Lauren x

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  1. This was such a lovely post! I will use these tips for when I start to get anxious or nervous! X

    Amyx Makeupwithmissa.blogspot.co.uk

  2. That breathing tip is definitely one of the best! I get super anxious on planes or in crowded places. All you have to do is just focus on breathing and somehow makes things better haha x

    ♡ itsjessiejane ♡

    1. Sometimes I really struggle to focus on my breathing that's more of a last resort thing for me, I'm glad it works for you though! x

  3. Lovely post for someone like me who is always troubled from anxiety and nerves! I need to try out the rescue remedy.


    1. Thank you, I definitely recommend it, they do it in chewing gum form etc x