Weekly Summary #4

July 24, 2016

Hello lovelies, 

I've had the most amazing yet tiring week ever. I worked on two of the hottest days of the week and although I'm sad I missed the opportunity to get a sun tan I am also so glad that I was there to help treat all those poorly children in the hospital. 

As a student nurse I get assigned a mentor who is a qualified member of staff and my mentor is the loveliest woman you will ever meet, she's such a good role model. On one of my lunch breaks she bought us ice lollies and we went to the 'roof-top garden' for an hour and it was amazing to feel the sun on my skin and just get a bit of fresh air! Here's the view:

So anyway, this week I've really got into Pokemon Go! I play it on the way to work, on the way back from work and on my days off. It's actually really lovely to get out of the house and I find myself walking to the park and then since it's been good weather I've stayed and read a book. I'm such a loser, I find myself so excited when I come across Pokemon such as this beauty:

The perfect end to my week was that my boyfriend met me after work on Friday (I met him at the station since he's from Newcastle) and we had a lovely meal before going home to watch TV and sleep. On Saturday we went to see ice age which was so so funny and I'm a huge child when it comes to films like that. Then we went shopping (see my Recent Purchases #3) and then we went home, I cooked and we watched a cute little film before bed. 

I accidentally put his Apple watch through the wash and smashed it but luckily he's very forgiving and I was only trying to help wash his clothes for him... Ooopsy. He loves me really though! So I'm home for a few days (returning next Tuesday) resting ready for placement next week!

Lauren x

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  1. Your mentor sounds like the loveliest person! You're so lucky! x

    1. She is, I'd love to be half the nurse she is, I was dreading this placement because it's not an area I like but she makes it so much more enjoyable!

  2. Your mentor sounds aweome as hell! OMG Im obsessed with pokemon go! it just sucks that its so damn hit in nyc! we literally have heat advisory warnings lol

    1. She's lovely! Aw that's a shame, see we don't have to worry about that here in not-so-sunny England!