August Birchbox

August 13, 2016

Hello lovelies,

If you read my last recent purchases post you would know I've started subscribing to Birchbox as I hear a lot about it and after a little look at their site I thought I couldn't not sign up to monthly goodies. I thought I'd share with everyone what I got and what my thoughts are:

So for August Birchbox turned into Birchbag and you received your products in one of 4 coloured bag picked at random. As you can see above I receive and orange/coral colour called coral reef but there is also blue fin, yellowtail and pink pufferfish. I got 1 full sized product and 6 sample sized products as picture below:

Let's have a closer look at this months products:

Above is Mirenesse Glossy Kiss which can be used either on your lips or on your cheeks. Personally this is too dark for my cheeks but I love it as a lipstick. You can have it matte or glossy depending on the way you apply it so it's essentially 2-in-1. It has a twistable bottom so when you run out you twist it and more lipstick appears so even though it's sample sized it's still really good. 

Next was this perfume sample it's English Laundry's Notting Hill which smells absolutely gorgeous. It's strong enough to last the day but not overpowering, I would definitely consider it as my new daily perfume. I love it, I wish the sample would last forever...

Next up is Philip Kingsle's dry shampoo which is in this cute little can and I think it looks really pretty with the white and gold. I'm used to using Batiste though with the lovely fragrances so although this dry shampoo does the job it doesn't have a scent so I'm not sure if I'd purchase it again when batiste does the same job and smells nicer...

This is one of my favourite samples because it works wonders. This is Balance me congested skin serum which you apply to your blemishes and it is supposed to get rid of them. I applied this to a couple of spots and overnight they had gone down and looked less red. This stuff smells amazing as well it smells strongly of tea tree and I think I would definitely consider buying this in full size.

I also got this Marcelle espresso eyeliner pencil. It's a lovely brown shade and it glides onto the skin effortlessly. I'm not a huge eyeliner person but I think I'm definitely going to experiment with this when I have the time. It's also waterproof and the line on my hand above took a while to come off in the shower so it definitely lives up to it's word.

I feel like this is a brand I have seen before but I don't know where... Anyway, this bottle is really cute and quirky I love it. However, the product isn't wowing. It's like any other body scrub only the citrus smell is virtually non existent. I've smelt better body scrubs - there's only a hint of citrus and it doesn't leave a nice clean smell on your body after using it.

Last but not least, my favourite product out of this months Birchbox was this LED Gade lipgloss. It's light pink in colour with sparkles and it's a really lovely natural looking lip gloss. The thing I love the most though is the little mirror on the side of the bottle along with the LED light which comes on when you unscrew the lid.  Perfect for apply your lippy in the bar!

Lauren x 

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  1. These products sound great! Love the look of that body scrub.
    Christina ♥

  2. Looks like a great box this month. Gemma x