Recent Purchases #4

August 06, 2016

Hello lovelies,

Just a quick post to show you all what I've been spending my money on this past few days... I've made my first payment for a BirchBox subscription so I will have a few products to review within the next few weeks, I can't wait for that. Other than that I've bought these:

So I got this lovely dress from RiverIsland for £24. It's a peachy colour and the neck simply has two buttons at the back which you fasten to hold the strap up at the front. I love this dress I think you could wear it casually with trainers/pumps or with some heels for something a bit nicer.

I apologise for this picture, it is not the best and does not do this dress justice. This is another dress from River Island, this one costing £35. It's a black maxi dress with lace detailing on the top and around the sleeves and it has a tie belt around the waist. Perfect for my holiday!

Lastly these goodies. I broke my old fruit infused water bottle so I have ordered this one off amazon for around £5. You simply chop up the fruit, put it in the holder and add water for the fruit to infuse into. It's extremely healthy.

I also bought the bubblegum lip scrub which I had on my wishlist a few days ago. It cost £5.50 from Lush and it smells and tastes lovely. It's also amazing if you have lips lip mine which tend to get dry and flaky. After one application you notice a different it's amazing.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. That black dress is so lovely! You really can't go wrong with River Island, they do some amazing clothes! :) <3 Also, that little lip scrub must smell amazing, I adore Lush! x


    1. I know I love River Island and I actually thought the dress was quite cheap for them, I was expecting the dress to be more...

  2. The maxi dress is gorgeous, what a lovely purchase for Summer! Fruit infuser bottles are such a great way to get more water into your day!

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    1. I agree I don't drink nearly enough water but this is a good way for me to start!

  3. I love the lush lip scrubs :) the dresses look great too :D

  4. I absolutely love that black maxi dress, such pretty detail!

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