Tips for Freshers Week!

August 04, 2016

Hello lovelies,

So in a couple of weeks I will have finished my first year and I have only 2 weeks off before I begin my second year. It doesn't seem that long ago that I was moving into halls excited for freshers week. Anyway, it's almost time for you 2016 freshers to fly the nest and I have composed a list of tips which I wish I'd have been told. So here they are, from me to you:

1. Freshers Flu is a thing - So be prepared!
So you may or may not have heard of freshers flu. Believe me when I say it is real and it will hit you at some point. You get flu like symptoms (e.g. fever, sore throat, headaches and coughing) during freshers week. It's different for everyone, some people it's like a little cold but for others they may have more harsh symptoms. When you go to university you meet lots of different people from all over the country, maybe all over the world! They all carry different pathogens which they are immune too but you however are not, and in order for your body to build up immunity you need to get ill. Some students also feel homesick and stressed after moving which can contribute towards feeling rubbish. So look after yourself!

2. Join a society
This is the one thing I didn't do but would still love too. Every university has some form of student union which is in charge of running societies. If you have a hobby I strongly advise joining the society relating to that, you'll get more friends who you actually share an interest with. If you don't really have any distinct hobbies (like myself) then give something new a go, you don't have to be an expert at sewing to join the sewing society, there are different levels and you can join as a beginer and work your way up from there. I'd love to join a society but unfortunately my course is far too demanding. I'm looking at a few of the less time consuming ones but none of them really look like my cup of tea.

3. Don't blow all your money on freshers week
I fortunately never made this mistake unlike all of my flatmates. I know it's exciting living on your own now, being independent and going out drinking every night for the first 2 weeks but it's not worth it when at the end you have no money. There are still events after freshers week and you still need to buy course books etc. So go easy on the spending. Make sure you have a good time, go on a few nights out but if you're anything like me I preferred exploring my new city, looking at all the designer shops we didn't have back home and guess what - Money is needed. So don't waste it all on Sambuca shots.

4. Be mindful of those who aren't freshers
Ok I sound like an old woman scalding the children for being too noisy but I had to slip this one in. It's important to realise that in some accommodation building it isn't just 1st years. There will be 2nd, 3rd and maybe even 4th year students who have chosen to stay rather than moving out. This is rare in some places but where I lived we had a lot of 2nd and 3rd year nurses. So my advice to you is to be mindful that they won't be going out partying every night they will be in doing assignment and working so keep the noise down when possible. I respected the older student in my residency and they are lovely and always willing to help me with my studies so it pays off.

5. Say 'yes' to everything - Except drugs...
So there are a lot of new opportunities which arise when you move cities and go to university. There are a lot of events going on during fresher week such as night out, society open days and various events around town. So any opportunity that arises say yes. Try new things what you wouldn't necessarily do at home. I went on nights out, I went to the varsity rugby match (which wasn't my cup of tea but it was definitely an experience). Give blood, because most blood banks advertise around fresher time it would seem.

6. Make your own group of friends outside of your flat
Yes you may feel like you've got lucky with your flat mates, they may seem lovely and you may be life long friends. However, some people don't stay life long friends. My flat mates were lovely but you soon realise little things that annoy you, then you realise you don't actually have all that much in common with them. So, make friends whenever you can. Join societies, keep in touch with people from your course and maybe mix with people in the flats/houses around you. It's always best to have someone to rely on other than the people you live with.

7. Pay attention in your introduction sessions
If your course is anything like mine you WILL have into sessions during freshers week and you WILL need to attend and listen. They throw them in the middle of freshers week making you go in with a hangover and throw a lot of important information at you. I'm almost a 2nd year student and sometimes if I message my tutor they reply with "The answer is bla bla bla. We went through it in your introductory session in the first 2 weeks." So listen!

8. Most importantly... Have fun!

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  1. I wish i was able to experience this! I study online so I've missed out on this opportunity. Well done on getting into your second year!

    Georgia | The Weekend Attic

  2. i love this post! some great advice for new freshers :)

    xo Sarah
    Absolutely Sarah | Bloglovin

  3. I'm starting uni this year, thanks for the advice!