Holiday Summary

September 11, 2016

Hello lovelies,

A couple of days ago I arrived back in England. I've been on holiday to the beautiful island of Zakynthos (otherwise known as Zante). I don't tend to take a lot of pictures when I am away because I like to 'live in the moment' so to speak, but I have a couple of snaps and lots of things to tell you all.

So I've been away with my parents, my little brother and my boyfriend (pictured above) and Zante is an island I love. We know a Greek family with apartments and a bar so we stayed there and I know yet another Greek family who own a restaurant out there. We know them all through past holidays and the fact I keep in regular contact with the staff in the restaurant and whenever we go they spoil us rotten - They buy us drinks and give us free food they're lovely.

So whilst being there I spent a LOT of time around the pool but I did go to the beach one day just to take the obligatory beach shot. I'm glad I went as well because the highlights of my holiday are walking down the beach and catching little fish in my hands and then the time where a stray dog (the island has lots) stole a couples tennis ball and ran off with it.

I also used to go for walks after dinner when it was getting dark and I would walk down the beach in the pitch black, go and sit in a hammock which hangs in a beach bar near the sea and I'd go looking through all the tourist shops. Just opposite our apartments is this really cute little church which is open to everyone.

I couldn't come back off holiday without some souvenirs could I? I bought some genuine leather sandals which look gorgeous. I also bought this statue of Aphrodite, I love Greek Mythology and after spending ages stood in the shop looking at all of the statues trying to figure out which one was Persephone, Demeter and Aphrodite this kind older lady who owns the shop came up and told me everything I wanted to know. My boyfriend also bought me this huge dream catcher because I used to have one when I was younger and I love them, I've never had one quite this big though!

After a week it was time to go home but luckily our pilot on the flight told us when to look out our windows and I was fortunate enough to be sat on the Left hand side of the plane in order to see the Alps in Austria... Absolutely stunning!

Lauren x

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  1. Wow! It looks like you had an amazing time! Such lovely photos & memories. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks