My goals for October

October 04, 2016

Hello lovelies,

So for a while now I've been struggling with a bit of anxiety it's been making me feel nauseous, I sometimes struggle to swallow and get choking sensations which again make me feel nauseous. I've decided that things have to change and this month I've set myself some goals to improve my overall health in the hope it will change my ways of thinking. In October I will:

Eat better
They say a healthy body is a healthy mind and since coming to university and starting placements I haven't been eating very healthy. For the past few weeks I've made sure that I am buying more fruit and veg. I'm slowly getting into the habit of making meals rather than buying things that are convenient and I'm enjoying it. It's hard and it takes up a lot of time but I enjoy meals which I can say I prepared myself. I've not completely cut out chocolate, crisps and cakes but I've taken the first step towards healthier eating. Plus, there's nothing wrong with a bit of cake or chocolate is there?

Exercise almost every day
I use the word almost because vowing to exercise 7-days a week is highly unrealistic. If you have read earlier posts you'll know that I was going to take up yoga. With my work schedule I haven't been able to attend lessons but I have been able to practice it in my house by watching videos on youtube etc. I do it most weekdays and rest on my weekends. This along with healthier eating can improve mental health so hopefully it will help me feel positive.

Stay on top of university work
I'm at university one day a week and placement 4 days so it's like having a full time job and having to write assignments when you get home. I've always been guilty of leaving work until the last minute and stressing at the last moment so over the past few weeks I've done my work the night it's been set. Hopefully if I can keep on top of work it will reduce my stress levels and I can enjoy university life rather than feeling anxious and stressed.

Look after myself properly
I'm typing this post with a clay face mask on because I am determined to start looking after myself. I have realised the importance of pampering myself once in a while with face masks, buying treats, chocolates and other lotions and potions. I'm trying to read more which is a huge hobby of mine and just take time out where I put my phone down and just relax and disconnect from the world. After time my yoga will help me with this.

Be more sociable 
I hate to say it but I'm officially one of those people who is friendless. My two close friends at university have had to drop out and move back home and although they're only a phone call away nothing beats having someone there in person to talk too. I try talking to my housemates as much as possible but we don't have a lot in common and we're never in the house at the same times. So I've decided it's time to make more friends on my course who I can trust. I keep myself busy on weekends by either visiting my family or my boyfriend but I need a friend who I can talk too as well. I do know people on my course but I wouldn't say we're in a position where I trust them yet so that I will have to work on!

Do you have any goals?

Lauren x

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  1. I have a few similar goals as you do Hun, I hope they all work out for you.

    Nicole xx |

  2. I've been trying to get more into exercise too and yoga classes are my favourite! They're so relaxing and don't even feel like you're working out. Do you have instagram? Mine is @louisefrancescaa if you want to follow each other? XX

    The Fashion

    1. I know but it's really good for you it's amazing! I do, I've followed you! xx

  3. Eating better and sticking to a schedule is my ultimate goal, but I never get to make it. I start, stick the programme for a month and then something happens and I have to start all over again! These are great goals!


    1. I'm the same, I do it for a month and then start slipping but I'm determined not too this time!

  4. Sounds like a great list of goals, especially when they are focused on looking better after yourself. I am also eager to eat healthier this autumn, even though I want all the comfort food x

    Beauty with charm

    1. I know I feel like this is the worst time of year to start eating better because all you want is chocolate!

  5. Good luck with your goals, darling, I have no doubt that you will achieve them & more! I find that staying on top of things really helps me with my anxiety, and in general just doing things that make me feel happy and fulfilled - like blogging, for instance. <3 :)


  6. I really think goals are such a great thing to have, it's so helpful having something to aim for! I also want to eat more healthily and get more exercise but I fear these I won't complete oops!

    Musings & More

    1. So far I'm doing really well, I refuse to completely cut chocolate etc out but I'm eating better meals!