Spectrum's Unicorn Tears Blending Sponge

October 16, 2016

Hello lovelies,

So if you haven't heard of Spectrum they are a vegan registered cruelty free company who are well known for their make-up brushes. They do beautiful ranges and recently I have purchased their blending sponge which is called 'Unicorn Tears' how cute right?

Packaging wise: It came in a cute little clear bag which has pictures of unicorns on it and the instructions on the pack. You can also open and re-seal the bag which is handy if you want to travel but don't want your sponge to get dirty.

The sponge itself as you can see is in the shape of a tear. You wet the sponge and use the pointed end for concealer and foundation in those hard to reach places such as the nose and eye area and the bigger end is to apply make up everywhere else!

All in all the brush is great for application. I wouldn't say it's as good as the beauty blender but for £4.99 it is a definite bargain! Once damp it feels lovely and soft and once you have mastered the 'dab and roll' technique it applies liquid foundation beautifully.

The only issue I have found is cleaning the sponge. As you can see above there are still remnants of foundation in the sponge and I have tried multiple ways of cleaning it. So although the application is great it is not the easiest thing to clean and I'm not sure what impact that will have on the sponge in the future.

Sorry this review is a little short, there isn't much to say. All in all it's a great product, a huge bargain but is tricky to clean! Maybe you can find a better method of cleaning it though?

Lauren x

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  1. I haven't tried a blending sponge before. I think I cannot work with it and I prefer using my brushes! Great review :)


  2. I know blending sponges have been raved about so much but I've yet to use one! I think I definitely need to try one out, and this one is quite inexpensive!

    Georgia | The Weekend Attic

    1. I all honesty they're nothing amazing and they don't do anything what a brush can't do!

  3. I prefer buy one sponge like this from eBay to $1