The Autumn Tag 2016

October 24, 2016

Hello lovelies,

I've come across a cute little tag which isn't very long but it really got me thinking about my favourite season: Autumn!

1. What signifies the start of Autumn for you?
Pretty obvious! I love it when the leaves on the trees turn all different gorgeous colours and start to fall. I love the yellow, orange and red tones at this time of year. I also love the dark mornings and dark nights where you can sit in you PJ's all nice and comfy and watch the rain out of the window. That's Autumn for me!

2. What is your favourite Autumn sent?
So as much as I hate the taste of pumpkin I oddly like the smell of them. I also love the smell of marshmallows and berries which for some reason remind me of Autumn. Mainly because Yankee candle have brought out a gorgeous range with marshmallow and berry scents!

3. What is your favourite Autumn colour?
I think it would have to be either burnt orange or burgundy. I love deep reds too there are just so many different shades and I love seeing them on the trees and in stores because all the clothes get an Autumnal makeover!

4. What is your favourite Autumn drink?
I'm not a pumpkin spiced latte girl I like to grab a classic hot chocolate from Starbucks topped with cream, cocoa powder and if it's a homemade one - marshmallows!

5. What TV shows, new or old, are you looking forward too this Autumn?
Well I think I'd have to say I'm a Celebrity: Get Me Out Of Here! because that usually comes on around this time of year and to be quite honest it's the highlight of November for me! I love that show. Other than that I wouldn't say I have any other favourites which remind me of Autumn?

6. What is your favourite Autumn fashion trend?
Cute ankle boots, big thick scarves and leather gloves. Oh, and big coats, I love a big coat. I look forward to getting my favourite coat out when the weather gets cold!

7. What is your favourite make-up look in Autumn weather?
I like to go natural this time of month. Mainly because the cold dark mornings make me want to spend a little extra time in bed and so I don't wear as much makeup. However, when I do i love golden eye shadow and vampy lips!

Lauren x

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  1. I wish we have Autumn here in the Philippines! Your answers just make me feel happy about the season. :)

    Melissa the Mermaid ♥

  2. I haven't seen this tag, but I'm glad I found it on your blog, Autumn is my most favourite season too and yess to cute ankle boots! Have a lovely Weekend :)

  3. Love autumn so much! loved reading this post <3
    Chloe xx