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January 25, 2017

Hello lovelies,

How important is it to have a properly fitting bra? It's very important! That's why I've teamed up with ThirdLove in order to share some quick and easy tips to solve all those common bra-blems that plague your day-to-day life. Also, if you fancy 15% off your ThirdLove order carry on reading. So, without further ado, let's talk bra-blems! Let's start from the beginning:

So you may be wondering why I'm teaching you all how to put a bra on but the truth is until ThirdLove gave me these tips I was putting my bra on wrong! Instead of wearing my new bras on the loosest hook (which you should do) I was using the tightest hook. It turns out you should actually start on the loosest and as your bra stretches you can work your way in to the tightest hook. Also, it's very important that you tighten the straps of your bra every month as they do start to slip without us noticing leading to baggy straps.

A problem I have had in the past is the band riding up rather than sitting nice and straight along my back. Rather than loosening the straps ThirdLove recommend that you buy a smaller band size with a bigger cup size! For example, if you're a 36C try a 34D and test that it fits right by putting it on the loosest hook and sticking two fingers behind the band.

Do you find that when you take your bra off at night you have angry red marks on your shoulders where your straps have been digging in? It's a common bra-blem which some of us just ignore but the reason they dig is because the bra doesn't fit as well as it could and the straps are doing all the lifting. As mentioned above, buying a smaller band size (with a bigger cup size) will make sure your band does all the work and not your straps!

This is a big issue for me, I've got small boobs and I always like to think they're bigger than they actually are (so in the past I've worn ill fitting bras). If you find that your cup is gaping first make sure that your straps are tight enough. If you still notice your cup gaping then either try a different style (balcony, plunge, push-up) or you will need to try a cup size down. If you think a full cup size down would be too small Thirdlove actually do half sizes!

This has never been as issue for me but for you ladies who suffer from side boob here's what ThirdLove recommend. The main reason your boobs are spilling out the side is because they're simply too big for the cup! Try a bigger cup size with a smaller band.

So the name is a bit misleading, quad boob just means that your breast are 'bulging' over the top of your bra. The simple tip is to get a bigger cup size (keeping the band the same). So for example, trade your 34D for a 34E.

Last but not least, my number 1 bra-blem... The slipping straps! How often a day do you find yourself reaching into your top to pull your straps up? The obvious answer is to simply tighten them regularly (ThirdLove recommend at least every month). If you do tighten them and find that they're still slipping it may be that the style of bra you're wearing just isn't right for you.

Thank you for reading I hope these tips are helpful because they were for me! You can find the ThirdLove website below along with a size guide. If you see something you like us the code: BRABLEMSJAN15 for 15% off your order.

ThirdLove Website - Click here
ThirdLove Size Guide - Click here

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  1. Thanks for the great tips on Bras, it always a topic that women have questions about! I also tie my bra on the tightest hook but now I will start at the loosest!

    xo, Yasmin


  2. This post is so important, thank you so much for sharing! May we all tackle these bra-blems together :)


    1. Thank you for reading, it's so important to feel comfy in your bra!

  3. This is so important. Never underestimate the power of a good bra!

    19 By Chance | 1415

  4. I always have the last problem, slipping straps!

  5. I got fitted at Debenhams last year and learnt a lot of the same advice. It's amazing how many people are wearing their bra wrong or wearing the wrong size! x

    Kate Louise Blogs / Skincare Giveaway

    1. I recently got fitted too but they didn't teach me these so I'm really thankful for Thirdlove teaching me this.

  6. Thanks for the tips! I should be more careful when I buy a bra. I normally buy designs I like and if they don't have my size I buy a size up or down which I shouldn't do.


    1. I used to do this but I found that I would always wear the same bra so I was just wasting my money on ill fitting bras.

  7. My problem with my bras is that when I buy them they fit perfectly but they shrink in the wash!! It's so frustrating.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. Yes I've found this, it depends on the fabrics really doesn't it!