What I got for Christmas

January 09, 2017

Hello lovelies,

I was originally hoping to post this at Christmas but the 9th of January will do. I've been so busy since Christmas that I haven't got round to writing it.  I couldn't resist sharing some of my goodies though, Santa has been good to me! I got a couple of items of clothing but in all honesty the pictures just didn't do them justice so I'm leaving them out. Here's the rest though:

Snow Fairy Shower Gel - Many of you will have heard of this before as it is very popular in the blogging community and it's easy to see why. It's only on sale around Christmas time which makes it very popular when it's out. As you can see it's pink and sparkly and smells like bubblegum? It's quite literally LUSH!

Ickle Baby Bot - Quite obviously the bath bomb in the centre. I'm pretty sure it's aimed at children but I'm a big child anyway so I have no regrets buying this. The main scent is lavender and I can't wait to use this one night it is definitely going to help me go to sleep at night! Plus, how cute is this little guy?

Think Pink -  The bath bomb on the left is called Think  Pink and smells very floral. It looks gorgeous and although I have never tried it before I have heard that it looks gorgeous when you put it in the bath because it leaves little heart shaped confetti at the bottom of the tub.

Butterbear - Last but not least this little cutie. I just love him and he is by far my favourite because not only does he look cute but he smells amazing. I'm pretty sure it's cocoa butter that they use in his fragrance, absolutely beautiful!

Jack Wills gift set - This was bought for me by my boyfriends mum. The set contains the tartan blanket scarf, two different colours nail varnishes, two different scented body sprays, two face masks, a shower gel and a gorgeous body butter. 

Real Techniques foundation brush and cleaner - I was in need of a new foundation brush and I loved the luck of this brand so I decided to give it a try. I also got the cleanser and cleansing palette because there is nothing worse than a dirty make-up brush! Since getting these I have fallen in love with the brand and I am soooo buying myself more of these brushes. 

MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation - So if you're a regular reader I have done a review of this foundation in the past and you will know I absolutely love it. It leaves you with a very natural looking finish but can easily be built up.

Benefit Gimme Brow - So I don't do much with my brows but they're so pale and sparce Ii decided that enough was enough and I received this little product for xmas. It's really simple to use, looks really natural when it's applied and I just love it. I will definitely be reviewing it at some point when I master the techniques.

Alphabet Candles - So my boyfriend is called Matthew so he decided to get these cute little candle for me for Christmas since I move into my new flat this year and wanted some little candles to decorate the place. I think they're adorable. They aren't scented but they will look gorgeous when they're lit and once they run out I can just pop a tea light in them.

Yankee Candles - I bought Fireside Treats as a gift for someone last year and absolutely lovely the marshmallowy smell so this year my boyfriend (again) bought me it in Large, I'm going to love burning that! Then my mum got me the Vanilla Cupcake scented candle which literally smells of cupcake batter, so many childhood memories come floating back!

Pink body sprays - Mmy boyfriends sister bought me these body sprays from PINK, they smell amazing! The pink bottle is vanilla scented and the blue one is mint scented (thankfully a nice subtle smell). They both smell so sweet and they're so strong, they will last on your clothes for at least two days!

Marc Jacobs Decadence - How gorgeous is that bottle? I love Marc Jacobs and he has really out done himself with this fragrance it's gorgeous. It's subtle but strong enough to last the day rather than rubbing off after a couple of hours.

Ted Baker leather gloves - My hands always get cold so my boyfriend bought me these gorgeous leather gloves to keep them nice and warm. The most impressive bit about these are that you can use you phone whilst wearing them thanks to the type of leather. Really cool!

CK bra and thong set - The bra has cross straps and the back and is slightly padded for support rather than boostage. I don't really know what else to say about these, my boyfriend done good! Not only are they comfy, but they look amazing!

PJ's and slippers - Last but not least my mum got me this gorgeous lounge wear set covered in cute little polar bears. This is definitely going to keep me warm when I go back to university. Plus, the boot slippers are super comfy and so warm inside I don't think I can live without them!

What did you get for Christmas? Lauren x

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  1. I too got the snow fairy shower gel. Those candles look lovely as well.





    1. It smells lovely doesn't it? Plus I love the fact that the sparkles are very subtle.

  2. If I ever visit a Lush shop when I travel, this Lush shower gel is coming home with me! Everyone keeps mentioning how amazing it is so I need to have it! :)


    1. I hope they still have them in I think they're seasonal and come out around Christmas time!

  3. You got some lovely things! Snow Fairy is such a gorgeous shower gel xx


    1. Thank you, I know I wish I had bought the larger one!

  4. You got some lovely pieces for Christmas! I really want to get some of the CK underwear sets!

    I love snow fairy too - such a classic!


    1. I love getting a set, they're expensive but incredibly comfy and pretty!

  5. wow, so many goodies!!

    Hope you’re having a Fabulous Day! Kisses,

  6. Aww you got some lovely gifts. I love lettered candles , I'm an L so I currently have mine on display on my dresser. xx

    LAURA ­| Laura Thinks About

    1. They're really cute I can't wait to have them on display in my new flat!

  7. Looks like you received some lovely gifts! x

  8. Awesome prezzies! <3

    http://fourcatsplusus.co.uk - Amy

  9. Wow gorgeous stuff! I love Butterbear from Lush too :D

    1. He smells gorgeous, I can't wait to see what he looks like in the water.

  10. Looks like you got some great things!