A thank you to my boyfriend on Valentines day

February 14, 2017

Dear Matthew,

This year is our third valentines day together, and soon we will have been annoying each other for three whole years! I don't thank you enough for what you do for me, but today I would like to highlight just some of the little things I am especially grateful for! Thank you for:

1. Tickling me on demand - Thank you for putting up with me and my weird love for being tickled. Not everyone would tickle me when I ask them or when I'm going to sleep. I don't know whether you're silly or just sweet!

2. Being so supportive - You're always there to support me through my crazy plans. When ever I think it's time to give up you are there willing me on, I probably wouldn't have achieved half of what I have this past three years if it wasn't for you.

3. All the compliments - Whenever I feel awful you compliment me and tell me how beautiful I look. Even when I feel disgusting you compliment me, I still think you have magic glasses, but with every compliment I believe you a little bit more!

4. All the pizza - And the garlic bread, and the chicken, and the cookie dough. Most people go out partying but I prefer a lovely night in with you and a bunch on pizza hut boxes.

5. Putting up with me - You put up with me and all my flaws. All my worrying. All my negative thoughts. After all that you still see the best in me and you haven't ran away yet, so for that I need to say thank you.

6. Being my best friend - You're the first person I talk too in a morning and the last person I talk too before bed. Every time I have some good news, you're the one I want to talk too. Whenever something bad happens, you're the one I go too for reassurance. You're my best friend.

I could go on forever but I would be here all night. Happy Valentines day Matthew. Love, Lauren x

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  1. Great piece. Please check out my Anti-LOVE-Valentines post!

    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love

    Instagram @alionawithlove

  2. This is so cute. And it's so great that he's your best friend too ;)
    Nati xx

  3. This is so sweet, I always tell my fiance how grateful I am for all his help, for putting up with me and being supportive.


    1. Thank you, that's sweet it's lovely to take the time out to tell them!

  4. Lovely post. I wish you too good luck and much love for the future :)


  5. This is so lovely! I hope you both had a lovely day together xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Thank you Gemma, we haven't actually been out yet he's coming to mine this weekend!