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September 14, 2017

Hi lovelies,

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, life has been crazy busy but I took the time out of my busy schedule to make a little wishlist because LUSH are blowing my mind with super cute products lately! So, here's a short wishlist of their products I need in my life right now from their Halloween and Christmas wishlists.

1. Snow Fairy Sparkle Bar (click here)
This is a fabulous new product, it smells like our all time favourite Christmas treat (Snow Fairy) but it's in a unique new form. You basically use the bar on wet skin to clean and then if you poke something sharp in the dimples (i.e. a pencil) you can sprinkle the sparkly dust on your skin to give you a magical glow! You can see a tutorial on their Instagram here.

2. Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar (click here)
I don't think I need to explain this to you... It's part of their Halloween range, I believe it was brought out last year as well but it's super cute! You run it under water and crumble it up to make bubbles and give your bath a gorgeous autumnal colour!

3. Black Rose Lipstick (click here)
So this is a gorgeous new lipstick which looks black as coal but actually goes on the lips as a super cute magenta colour! Not only is it a cute colour, but it's super nourishing for your lips and my lips definitely need a bit of TLC!

4. Snowman Bubbleroon (click here)
So again, another bubble bar, exactly the same method put it under running water and crumble. This little fella looks adorable and smells of Sicilian lemon oil which is... well... LUSH! He's so cute I don't think I would want to crumble him up...

5.  Star Light Star Bright (click here)
This cute little star is a bath melt, I've never used one before but the instructions are to simply put it in a hot bath and 'watch it dance across the water'. If you look on the LUSH website it leaves a gorgeous pink and blue tinge to the water at it looks so magical, it's stunning!

6. Magic Wand (click here)
This is a reusable bubble bar which means it's big enough for you to use it a couple of times. It creates bubbles which look like candy floss, it's super cute and it's an all time favourite it's been out a couple of years now and it's always popular, I've struggled to get my hands on them! Fingers crossed for this year.

7. Shoot For The Stars (click here)
This is again another popular bath bomb that everyone seems to get around Christmas time but I've just never tried it. It leaves the water a lovely bright blue colour with gold glitter floating on the top, it's sooo pretty!

8. Snow Fairy Naked Shower Gel (click here)
Again, the famous snow fairy scent but it's sort of like a bar of soap? You use it in the shower, lather it up and then enjoy that bubble gum scent! There is a tutorial on their Instagram account but I don't think you need to be taught how to use a bar of soap... This is just one of their Naked Shower Gel range, your other favourite scents are available!

If you've tried any of these products, please let me know what you thought!  Lauren x

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  1. Thank you, dear, for this amazing post! I have never tried these products but I definitely want to!

    Have a nice evening!

  2. That Snow Fairy Sparkle Bar sounds so good! I love Snow Fairy and glitter so that's a win win! Number four is so cute too, you're right about it being to cute to use!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. It sounds fab I just hope the sparkles aren't too overpowering!

  3. Lush is one of my favorite stores ever! That pumpkin bath bomb looks incredible, I need one!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris |

  4. These all look amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  5. I want everything!!


  6. Great wish list, for me I love Lush Face Mask they are on my list :)

    Sheer Beauty Blog

  7. The number 7 sounds so nice !

  8. Lush always have the cutest and nicest smelling things, but I've never actually tried any of them yet! I should give them a go, I like the idea of the magic wand, how fun :)

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  9. Loving this wish list and love Lush! That pumpkin one especially caught my eye, it's so cute. :) Thanks for sharing, lovely! xoxo


  10. Amazing post!! thanks for sharing these lively wish list. I never try this but I want

  11. That sparkle bar sounds so interesting! I really need to search one. And all the other things! Oh how I wish that we had a bath but no... Need to use just shower gels.

    Heidi ✨ | Heidi’s Planner | Instagram

    1. I don't have a bath either but I thought I could use them whenever I go home!

  12. The snowman is so bloody cute!! I love Lush at Christmas. It's the best xx

    Lauren |

  13. I always love a good Lush post! Shoot for the Stars is so lovely, I love the smell and glittery blue water is my favourite for the bath!

    Julia x

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